The Poetry of Stephen Dunn

There is lots of bad poetry, and I think that can make people forget that there is also good poetry.  The poetry of Stephen Dunn is great poetry.  Take for instance the following words, and the impact they have:


She said to her friend: I want

all the fire one can have

without being consumed by it.


To be without some of the things

you want, a wise man said,

is an indispensable part of happiness.

I was going to comment on these words, but after reflecting on that idea I’ve decided to just let them speak to you in whatever way they speak to you, free of my own subjective experience of making them mean something to me.

I will say that I hope you read more of Stephen Dunn’s poems.

Both of the quoted lines above come from the prom The Snowmass Cycle.  The rest of that poem can be read here.  I originally read it in New and Selected Poems 1974-1994.  Links to buy said book: (CA) (US) (UK).

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