Mary Oliver on the radio

My last post was about the work of the American Poet Mary Oliver, who is one of my favorite poets.  Mary Oliver does not do many interviews, she never has.  Be that as it may there is one interview with Mary Oliver that was done by On Being (The really NPR great show done by Krista Tippett).  I figured it would be nice to post a link to the show for those who have not heard it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.35.34 AM.png

I highly recommend listening to the unedited (i.e. longer) version of the interview!


Dogfish — So much done with so little…

I’m sitting in my parked car, about to head to a meeting, and because I’m early I’ve decided to read some poetry by Mary Oliver on my phone. (I don’t know how Mary Oliver would feel about her poems being read on a phone screen…. part of me suspects she would not approve.)

I was reading the poem DOGFISH in the collection Dream Work (US) (CA) (UK).
I read the following, and then stopped. I laughed a bit as the lines sunk into my conscious mind.

Earlier in the same poem was this line. I liked it a ton, but it did. It make me laugh.

Both of these are great examples of how a good prom (good writing really) can do so much with so very little.